As a leading logistic service provider, we hold expertise in offering transportation and relocation of any kind of cargo across India and the world. Our well established global network as well as services of professionals provide us a strong & secure base for all the logistical needs our clients. All our consignments are covered by insurance therefore assuring complete safety of goods without any liability. The broad portfolio of services include the following:


The industry faces large fines for late deliveries. Production invariably takes place on the other side of the world and communication can prove difficult. A delivery is ready for transport but will it meet the deadline?

G-Mass Logisitcs has had years of garments import experience. Our import department is in close contact with our partner agent who, in turn, is in close contact with the manufacturers. Result: maximum shipment control, on time information and solutions for late deliveries.

Garments, flat or hanging. What is margin-wise the best solution? G- Mass Logistics offers several hanging garment modules to ship by sea or air, including the mathematics to make the right decision.


Medicals, delicate treatment

Tremendous investments and time is spend on research and development. Finally the blockbuster goes of patent. Distribution transparency and special handling is mandatory now.

Increased competition (generic) and downward price pressure (bulk drugs) demand cost control and distribution management. A responsive supply chain and effective cost distribution control impacts your working capital.

Medical equipment may need special handling during transport.

Different commodities require different solutions.

G- Mass Logistics has Pharma-trained staff who are in close contact with the airlines specialized departments. The ‘chain’ knows how to handle the goods and works according specific SOPs. A range of (temperature controlled) equipment is, therefore, available for the transport and registration of the distribution of the product in the most efficient way.

More Details :

  • Controlled ambient (+15°C to +25°C)
  • Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C)
  • Frozen
  • Deep frozen
  • Packed on liquid nitrogen


• 24-hour collection and delivery of biological specimens (including infectious samples), bulk investigational drugs, kits, and other study materials

• Monitoring of each shipment individually – from pick-up to delivery – including real-time online tracking

• Specialized handling, customs clearance and delivery of consignments whenever possible to ensure the shortest possible transit times

• Cold chain services including temperature-controlled packaging, supplies and expertise; in-transit dry ice/gel-pack replenishment and temperature monitoring

More Details :

  • Controlled ambient (+15°C to +25°C)
  • Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C)
  • Frozen
  • Deep frozen
  • Packed on liquid nitrogen


Energy, Oil & Gas, Salvage: Heavy duty material, Emergency Response!

1. A collision between a bulkcarrier and an oiltanker. Salvage masters are on location and special equipment for fire fighting is demanded. Emergency Response!

Seamless co-ordination between the salvage company, the airline and G- Mass Logistics, established by G- Mass Logistics upfront; result: Pick up, airfrieght Amsterdam-Asia, delivery on boardwithin 24 hours!

2. Drill hammers for construction of industry sites need to be shipped in a cost efficient fashion. Local transportation on site is an issue.

Although a 20 ft open top container, for easy loading at shippers factory seemed to be the most cost efficient transport manner, conventional sea freight of a truck loaded with drill hammers, turned out to be the solution.

Consult G- Mass Logistics in the project stage and we assure you good advises will safeguard smooth implementation of the supply chain.


  • Fashion
  • Pharma
  • Biological
  • Heavy Industry
  • Hightech